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Janet has changed my life as a small business owner. I now travel, enjoy time with my family, and work at my leisure with confidence that my e-commerce site is well run. I am happy and my customers are very happy!

Terri Newlon

Of the many people with whom I have worked, Janet is quite possibly the most innovative and resourceful. She is always pushing the boundaries of her knowledge and bringing new skills to the business. I learn a great deal through our partnership. It's much more than just assistance in the traditional sense.

Jennifer Selby Long
Selby Group

Welcome to My OBM

Your Source for Online Business Management and Virtual Office Assistance!

What is an OBM/Virtual Assistant?

Are you familiar with how entrepreneurs and small business owners spend time on the administrative part of their businesses, whether they have the time or not?

Assist Virtually is able to perform administrative tasks for them virtually, via email, fax and phone. This enables business owners to have the time and energy to grow their businesses, without having to hire an employee.

"Do You Have the Time?"

Business owners use Virtual Assistants to save time and money. A Virtual Assistant can take care of the details of running your business so that you can take your business, and your life, further.

Imagine having five more hours in your week that you can spend getting new customers, rather than processing paperwork.

Imagine having four more hours each week that you can spend with your loved ones rather than the accounting software.

Imagine having three more hours each week to spend at the spa rather than returning routine email.

Imagine having two more hours each week to go to a movie rather than stuffing envelopes and licking stamps for your new promotion.

Assist Virtually can take care of the details for you, without the costs associated with having an employee. With a Virtual Assistant there is:

  • No Payroll Tax
  • No Vacation Pay
  • No Sick Leave
  • No Health Insurance
  • No Office Space or Equipment
  • You only pay for the Time You Use

Contact Assist Virtually Today to discuss how a Virtual Assistant can work for You!

Assist Virtually can be contacted by the link on the menu or by calling 425-844-2573. We would welcome the opportunity to answer any and all of your questions!